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Details for London Hillingdon

Today's Air Pollution levels are: Low (Index 1)
Pollution levels are Index 1
at 10:00 on 25/06/2022
Note: These results are based on provisional data. The data are presented in graphical form based on the highest pollutant measured at each site.

Current Levels for London Hillingdon are:

ParameterConcentrationUnitBandLast updated
GE10 13µg/m3 (FIDAS) Low (1)  25/06/2022 10:00
NO 7µg/m3   25/06/2022 10:00
NO2 18µg/m3 Low (1)  25/06/2022 10:00
NOXasNO2 28µg/m3   25/06/2022 10:00
O3 30µg/m3 Low (1)  25/06/2022 10:00
PM25 5µg/m3 (Ref.eq) Low (1)  25/06/2022 10:00