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Details for London Hillingdon Oxford Avenue

Today's Air Pollution levels are: Low (Index 2)
Pollution levels are Index 2
at 10:00 on 25/06/2022
Note: These results are based on provisional data. The data are presented in graphical form based on the highest pollutant measured at each site.

Current Levels for London Hillingdon Oxford Avenue are:

ParameterConcentrationUnitBandLast updated
GE10 23µg/m3 (Ref.eq) Low (2)  25/06/2022 10:00
NO 5µg/m3   25/06/2022 10:00
NO2 16µg/m3 Low (1)  25/06/2022 10:00
NOXasNO2 24µg/m3   25/06/2022 10:00