Air Quality Database

Welcome to the Hillingdon air quality database. These pages provide options for you to enter queries to the database and retrieve measured concentration data from the monitoring stations operated by Hillingdon Borough Council.

There are two types of monitoring data available from here:

Automatic Monitors measure hourly pollutant concentrations from a continuous stream of air pumped through the analysers. Data are collected each day by MODEM from data loggers storing the information at each individual site. The data go back as far as 1996 from the following monitoring sites:

Parameter Date Started Date Ended
Nitric Oxide 21/09/1999  
Nitrogen dioxide 21/09/1999  
Oxides of Nitrogen 21/09/1999  
PM10 Particulate matter 21/09/1999  
Wind direction 21/09/1999 21/07/2017 
Mean windspeed 21/09/1999 21/07/2017 
Temperature 21/09/1999 24/01/2014 
Temperature 21/09/1999 24/05/2018 
Modelled Temperature 01/08/2010  
Modelled Wind Speed 01/08/2010  
Modelled Wind Direction 01/08/2010  

Hillingdon 2 - Hillingdon Hospital
London Hillingdon Oxford Avenue
London Hillingdon
London Hillingdon Harmondsworth
London Hillingdon Harmondsworth Os
Hillingdon Hayes
Hillingdon Sipson

Air quality monitoring data for Heathrow Airport and other surrounding local authorities can be found on the Heathrow Airwatch web site. For the whole of London you can look on the London Air Quality Network web site, or if you're interested in elsewhere across the UK then go to the Defra UK-AIR website.

Estimates of emissions - the amount of pollution produced by a range of activities can be obtained from the National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory (NAEI).

Diffusion Tube Monitors measure less frequently - exposure of the tube is usually on a weekly or monthly basis. Samples are collected by chemical reaction on a filter or substrate within the tube and then sent off to a laboratory for analysis. Final pollutant concentrations are calculated from these results and the results can take several months to be published. The following data are currently available from here:

Survey Pollutants Start Date
Diffusion Tube Monitoring NO2 April 1999
Diffusion Tube Monitoring BTEX November 2002

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